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Farmer Ted’s Superhero Week

Calling all Superheroes

It’s time for your annual Superhero training down on the farm.

This year due to popular demand, we’ll have not just one, two or even three days of training but a whole week of Superhero fun! There’ll be lots of photo opportunities with some of your fellow Superheros, and you’ll get to meet some special friends in our new interactive show Farmer Ted’s Super-Story!

Farmer Ted's Super Storybook

Farmer Ted’s Super-Story – New for 2018

Have you ever wondered where storybook characters live? Why it’s on Storybook Boulevard. Every week the storybook folk move in and out of our Boulevard for their ‘Once Upon a Time’ and their ‘Happily Ever After.’ This morning Farmer Ted’s woken up to find the Stinkiest of Super Villains – Bin Man has moved in. He’s covered the whole street with litter and has an evil plan to turn Storybook Boulevard into a smelly rubbish dump! Can our fabulous Dinner Lady with her ladle of power and semolina-super-serum along with her trusty side-kick Paper Kid save the day? Visit Farmer Ted’s this school holiday to find out!

Farmer Ted’s Super-Story Character Facts

Bin Man

Bin Man

Stinkiest Super Villain

Loves being naughty and wants to make the lives of the residents of Storybook Boulevard as miserable as possible. Enjoys taking baths in the smelliest of old socks and fish heads. Favourite book – Advanced Bin Waste and How to Make It.

  • Fame 10%
  • Mischief 100%
  • Toxic Skills 100%
  • Friendship 10%
Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady

Farmer Ted's Fabulous Hero

A true friend to all superheroes. Loves making healthy foods and snacks and making sure that everyone on Storybook Boulevard is happy. Favourite book – Mrs E. Beaton’s Cookbook for Superheroes.

  • Fame 100%
  • Mischief 0%
  • Super Skills 100%
  • Friendship 100%
Paper Kid

Paper Kid

Loves Origami

Loves origami, paper folding and anything that involves making objects out of paper. Always happy to help all the friends on Storybook Boulevard. Favourite book – Doctor Lang’s Taking Paper Folding to new heights.

  • Fame 75%
  • Mischief 10%
  • Super Skills 80%
  • Friendship 90%

All the fun of the farm

Your admission fee gives you access to our huge new wooden Adventure maze, Safe Archery, a free tractor ride and all the special Superhero Week activities shown below!

Come and groom our ponies

Come and explore our animal barn say hello to our ponies. Grab a brush and you can help us keep our ponies shiny and clean. They love nothing more than meeting new friends and letting them brush their hair.

Pony Grooming at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

Watch our amazing Bird of Prey Demonstration

Watch our birds of prey as they perform amazing acrobatics and stunts in the skies above.

Milking Demonstrations

Learn all you need to know about the story of milk with our fascinating cow milking demonstration. One of our park rangers will take you through the entire process with the assistance of one of the many cows that live on the farm.

Discover the story of milk at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

Example Timetable of a fun packed day at Farmer Ted’s

There’s so for your little explorers and young adventurers to do at Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm. To help you plan your visit we have provided this handy timetable of daily activities.

Please note the timetable shown below is subject to change.

Time Activity
10.30 am Meet the Guinea Pigs in Guinea Pig Village
11.00 am Meet the Llama
11.30 am Pony Grooming in the Animal Barn
1.00 pm Meet the Ferrets in the Animal Barn
1.30 pm Meet the Bugs and Reptiles
2.00 pm Milking Demonstration
3.30 pm Meet the Guinea Pigs
4.00 pm Feeding Time in the Animal Barn
4.30 pm Pony Grooming

Admission Fee

Children under the age of one – Free
Child under 3 (i.e. 1 & 2 years old) – £6.75
Child over 3 + £11.75
Adult (13 years and over) £8.25
Concession £7.50
Family £38.00

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