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baa-rilliant Shaun the Sheep farmyard fun!

Do ewe fancy meeting everyone’s favourite farm characters, Shaun the Sheep and Bitzer the dog? Then come along to Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm and get ready for a day out down on the farm like no other!

Get Creative in Mossy Bottom Crafts

Come and help us decorate our village fete in Mossy Bottom Crafts. You can make face masks, help us decorate our yurt and create your own characters from the Shaun the Sheep series and film!

Bitzer’s Kinetic Club House

Pedal, push n’ turn to generate your own energy in Bitzer the dog’s Bitzer’s Kinetic Club House. See if you can get our bull to snort, start up our fans and wake up Shaun the Sheep’s sleepy friend Shirley.

Make a Splash at Hog Splash

Can you help us recycle the water our three troublesome pigs are squirting all over their pigsty? Whoever collects the most water wins!

Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm Family Fun

Are you ready for a jam-packed family day out? Come to Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm, we’ve got all the farm-themed fun and adventure activities you’ll need to keep the kids entertained for hours!

Get Ready, Set, Go-Kart Go!

Get ready to start your engines and zoom around our new racing track, in our pedal-powered go-karts! Just one of the many adventure activities that are waiting for you down on the farm.

Birds of Prey Demonstrations

Meet our Birds of Prey only at Farmer Ted's Adventure FarmWatch in amazement as our Birds of Prey soar up to the sky and perform their incredible aerial acrobatics. Available on the dates shown in the table below.


Farmer Ted’s Maze – Come and Get Lost

Come and see if you can find all ten naughty piglets that have got out into our Adventure Maze.

Hit the Spot with Farmer Ted’s Safe Archery

See if you can hit the target in Farmer Ted’s safe indoor archery? Just one of the fun family things to do down at Farmer Ted’s.

Farm-Themed Farmer Ted’s Fun

Here at Farmer Ted’s, we have lots of farm-themed fun for you and your family to enjoy. Come and meet all our furry friends in Farmer Ted’s animal barn.

Meet and Greet Farmer Ted’s Guinea Pigs

Farme Teds-Guinea-Pig-Village

Come and visit Farmer Ted’s Guinea Pig Village and meet all our lovely guinea pigs and rabbits.

Whose got the Fastest Ferret?

Ferret Racing at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

Come and cheer on our speedy ferrets in Farmer Ted’s family-friendly ferret racing. All our ferrets love to race, and they’re super-quick! Who will win? You’ll have to wait and see!

Meet Santa’s Reindeer

Come and See Father Christmas's Reindeer Only at Farmer Teds

Did you know that here at Farmer Ted’s we look after Santa’s Reindeer? Well, it’s true! As Father Christmas’s favourite place to meet boys and girls of all ages, we are very proud that Santa has chosen Farmer Ted’s to care for Rudolf and the rest of his reindeer gang.

Say Hello to Our Hungry Piglets

Meet the Piglets at Farmer Teds Adventure Farm

Here at Farmer Ted’s, we have lots of hungry piglets who are very excited to meet you.

Meet and Greet with laura the Llama

Meet & Greet with Laura the Llama

No trip to Farmer Ted’s would be complete without saying hello to Laura the Llama. Did you know that Llamas favourite food is hay and on average they can eat between 10 to 12 pounds of hay every day!

Meet Farmer Ted’s Horses

As you enter the Animal Barn don’t forget to say hello to our two horses Hettie, the Clydesdale and Memo. They love having their photographs taken and are always happy to meet new friends.

Come and Meet Memo at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

Meet Farmer Ted’s Climbing Goats

Come and see our climbing goats at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

Our goats love to climb and walk around the top of the Animal Barn, don’t forget to come and say hello!

come and groom a pony

All our ponies love meeting new friends, and always want to make sure they look their best. Come and help our Park Rangers groom them and then have your photograph taken with your new furry friend.

Feeding Time in the Animal Barn

It's Feeding Time at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

What better way to end your day out down on the farm than watching our animals as they tuck into their favourite meals!

Huge Indoor Play areas

Rain or shine here at Farmer Ted’s we have lots of indoor play areas to keep your family entertained no matter what the weather throws at you.

Have an Indoor Adventure

Indoor fun at Farmer Teds

Here at Farmer Ted’s our indoor play area is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained no matter what the weather. We have 8 different slides, rope bridges and climbing frames suitable for all your kids climbing adventures.

Toddlers Soft Play area

For your little ones, we have two dedicated soft play areas for different ages. Our soft play areas are located in our Farmer Ted’s restaurant, Farmer Ted’s Grill.

farmer ted’s Tractor Fun

Coin Operated Tractor Fun

Pretend you are a farmer with our electric coin-operated  and indoor plastic pedal tractors.

Refuel at Farmer Ted’s Grill

Having lots of family fun can leave you feeling ravenous! Don’t forget to call in at Farmer Ted’s Grill where you will find a large range freshly cooked homemade food, available from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

Special Dietary Requirements

Accredited with Recipe 4 Health by West Lancashire District Council and holding a 5 Star rating for food and hygiene we can cater for all your dietary requirements.

A huge thank you to the chef who went out of his way to make several suggestions for my daughter who is gluten & dairy free. She thoroughly enjoyed the Cajun chicken breast & fries.” L37

Farmer Ted's Grill Menu

“The food in the cafe was fantastic” Emma Gore

“We had lunch in the cafe and it was excellent, fresh food at a good price” Sheree Westhead

Come and Meet Our Mini-Beasts

Deep in the heart of Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm, you’ll find our reptiles and other creepy crawly Mini-Beast residents!


Meet our Dragons!


Come and Meet Mrs and Mrs Potato Head our very own Bearded Dragons.

say hello to our mini-beast frogs

Farmer Ted Frogs

Here in the Mini-Beasts Centre we have lots of reptile friends you can meet including our frogs!

hold a hissing cockroach

Meet Farmer Ted's Mini-Beasts

Feeling Brave? Why not hold one of our Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches. We have hundreds you can choose from!

 outdoor adventure at farmer teds

Does your family enjoy being outdoors? You’re going to love all the Outdoor Adventure Activities we’ve got ready for you down here on the farm!

Jump for Joy on our Jumping Pillows

Farmer Ted's Outdoor Jumping Pillows

Jump as high as the sky! Create your own jumping games to fuel your imagination and see how long you can stay on our fabulous outdoor jumping pillows.

Toboggan Racing Only Farmer Ted’s

Ready, Steady, Go! See who is the fastest on Farmer Ted’s family-friendly Toboggan Run.

Quad Barrel Rides

Barrel around Farmer Ted's

Barrel around Farmer Ted’s with our Quad Barrel Rides for as a little as £1.00 per seat – Weather permitting.

Farmer Ted’s Agility Trail

Test Your Agility Skills with Farmer Ted's Adventure Trail

Are you good at climbing, swinging about and have amazing balancing skills? Can you dodge, weave, climb, walk a tightrope and defy gravity? You are going to love Farmer Ted’s outdoor Agility Trail available for children from 6 years and up and all part of your Farmer Ted’s Adventure experience!

Zip along on Farmer Ted’s Zip line

On your way to our Adventure Trail don’t forget to have a go on our wooden climbing frame and zip line. You might even see the odd grown up or two zipping along!

Farmer Ted’s Picnic Areas

Outdoor Picnic Areas at Farmer Ted's Adventure Farm

We’ve got lots of outdoor seating areas for you and your family to recharge your batteries before you continue with your day.

Get Lost in our Huge Wooden Maze

Come and explore our huge wooden maze. Solve the puzzle and you can enter our school holiday competition to win a Family Pass to Farmer Ted’s. This school holiday we have four family passes to give away.

free tractor rides

.Tractor Rides at Farmer Teds

Take a tour around Farmer Ted’s farm with a free tractor ride and meet all our outdoor animals including our sheep and alpacas

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