The UK’s only Shaun the
Sheep Farm Adventure


Farmer Ted’s and Aardman, the multi-award winning creators of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit have joined forces to create the Shaun the Sheep Adventure. This collaboration has brought Shaun and his friends to the North West, where they can’t wait to meet you!

The Shaun the Sheep Adventure opened to brilliant visitor feedback in 2019 after five months of redevelopment. We landscaped the grounds, created Shaun the Sheep themed activities and built an outdoor performance space. The redesigned area is the perfect place for a family day out where children young and old can play, explore and create.

Shaun the Sheep and his sidekick Bitzer star in interactive shows on weekends.

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get Creative in Mossy Bottom Crafts

Come and help us decorate our village fete in Mossy Bottom Crafts. This season let your imagination take you to outer space! You will have the chance to make Shaun the Sheep themed space rockets, colour astronauts or flying saucers, decorate a star and help us fill our solar system with your amazing artworks.

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Bitzer’s Kinetic Club House

Pedal, push n’ turn to generate your own energy in Bitzer the dog’s Kinetic Club House. See if you can get our bull to snort, start up our fans and wake up Shaun the Sheep’s sleepy friend, Shirley.

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Make a Splash at Hog Splash

Can you help us recycle the water our three troublesome pigs are squirting all over their pigsty? Whoever collects the most water wins!

- More Activities! -

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grab a bow and have a go at Safe Archery

Hold, take aim and fire! Can you hit the target using your safe bow and arrow! Perfect for children aged 8+.

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Can you Bleat the Keeper?

Grab a football and practise your skills at our Bleat the Keeper penalty shootout area. How many goals can you score?

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Daily Shows

Come and enjoy daily performances starring Shaun the Sheep and Bitzer the Dog at the Shakeshear Theatre!

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Come in and get lost -
it’s out of this world!

Our mammoth maize maze
is larger than 8 Wembley
football pitches

Returning Summer 2022!

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We love Farmer Ted’s! We’ve been coming here for years!  There’s always so much to see and do. The staff are super-friendly n’ helpful and with the introduction of Shaun the Sheep, they have really raised the baaa on an amazing family day out!

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