Passport to Learning

The ‘Passport to Learning’ has been created for children aged 7 to 14 years (and 5 and 6 year olds with accompanied with grown-ups) to collect 'stamps' and hours of accredited learning!

Passport to Learning Stamps

Collecting stamps contributes to the award of a certificate, encouraging them to access Children's University™ provision and a wide range of other worthwhile out-of-school-hours learning opportunities. The ‘Passport to Learning’ is an essential component / tool for participating schools when logging a child’s additional hours in the wider community environment.

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For a child to gain Children’s University™ accredited hours

  • Attend a registered school participating in the programme or
  • Own an individual membership to Children’s University
  • Own a valid ‘Passport to Learning’
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How to record your visit

Children visiting with a ‘Passport to Learning’ must ask a member of staff to record their visit in their passport. Children must participate in the accredited activity prior to their ‘Passport to Learning’ being stamped and then the pre-agreed number of hours / credits for that particular activity are recorded.

Passports must not be stamped for activities that have not yet taken place or for activities that have been delivered prior to the organisation achieving validated status on the National Children’s University™ website.

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Farmer Ted's Boarding Cards

At Farmer Ted’s you can pick up a “Boarding Card” on arrival and carry it with you during your visit. When you complete one of the activities on the card ask the member of staff to sign the card. Each activity counts for 15 minutes of learning.

The maximum learning we are allowed to credit per visit is 2 hours.

Before you leave the site visit the restaurant with your passport & boarding card and a member of staff will stamp your passport.

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A child can only gain a maximum of 100 credits from an individual validated Learning Destination

Once this threshold has been reached the Learning Destination is not permitted to accredit any future learning for that individual. The Children’s University™ aims to reward children’s participation in a wide range of new learning experiences

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Find out more!

For more information about The Children’s University™ and how to register your child please visit the website:

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