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Spring and Summer down on the Farmer

During the spring and summer months, we have some special activities you and your family won’t want to miss.

Meet our Birds of Prey

Meet Elsie, one of the biggest owls in the world, and the rest of the Horus Birds of Prey team. Like the rest of Farmer Ted’s animals, Elsie doesn’t mind having her photograph taken nor being recorded.

Want to learn more about Farmer Ted’s birds of prey? Our professional falconer Paul Walters is always more than happy to answer any of your questions.


Sheep Racing

Watch, shout and cheer at our sheep as they race around our Sheep Racing trail located at the bottom end of the playfield! You’ll learn all sorts of interesting facts about our sheep, and you can pick your winner. The Farmer Ted’s sheep racing event is available on Saturday’s, weather permitting!


Hectare’s Theatre

Do your children like magic shows? Here at Farmer Ted’s right through the summer holidays, we have top children’s entertainer Terry De Maxin performing all sorts magic tricks.

He’s behind you! Join us here at Farmer Ted’s for our pantomime season.


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