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MacLeod – we call him Mac, arrived at Farmer Ted’s in the summer of 2015 from Cumbrian Heavy Horses where he had spent three years as a trekking horse going up and down the hills around Newby Bridge and Windermere.

Mac is a Clydesdale horse which is a native breed to Scotland and was born in 2003.

In this past, before mechanical farming and tractors, these powerful heavy horses were used on farms to pull ploughs and carts, they were also very popular with breweries to pull their delivery drays to deliver beer to the local pubs! The most famous today are the Budweiser Clydesdales who appear on all their adverts.

In recent years, due to their temperament and good nature, Clydesdales have become popular as a ridden horse ensuring the survival of these big gentle giants.

Did you know that all horses are measured? One hand is equal to four inches.

Our Mac is a big boy and stands 17.3 hands high!

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