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Come Meet Farmer Ted's Mini Beasts

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Meet our Dragons!

Down at Farmer Ted’s we have lots of reptiles and all sorts of other mini-beast creatures for you to meet. You can say hello to our bearded dragons Mr and Mrs Potato Head.

Our dragons may not breathe fire, but they are definitely worth coming to see.

You can hold our tree frogs and meet one of our Boa Constrictors (Harry and Hermione) and if you are feeling brave, you can even stroke some of our Mini-Beast residents.

Meet Farmer Ted's Boa Constrictors

Dare your grown-ups to hold one of our hissing cockroaches and meet a real tarantula spider. Come along to our Mini-Beasts for lots of creepy crawly fun!

Dare your grown ups to hold a Farmer Ted's cockroach

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