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Farmer Christmas


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Frequently Asked Farmer Christmas Questions

Don’t forget! Your Farmer Christmas ticket allows you entry to Farmer Ted’s before and after your visit to see Santa too!

Q: Do you believe in Father Christmas?
A: Yes we do!

Q: How do we Book?
A: Tickets must be pre-purchased before the event. Pre-Booking your visit to Farmer Christmas limits queuing times and ensures your day is more memorable.

Q: What time do tickets come off sale each day?
A: The ticket line closes each day at 3 pm for processing. Subject to availability there may be tickets available at the door (weekdays or evenings only), but this cannot be guaranteed. You are far better pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

Q: What happens at Farmer Christmas?
A: Your ticket allows you to enter the magical Christmas wonderland created at Farmer Ted’s. Your ticket is your Boarding Card which allows you at your designated time to Enter Elf School from where your journey begins.

Q: Do our Farmer Christmas tickets also provide us access to Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm?
A: Yes! Your Farmer Christmas Tickets provide you with full access to Farmer Ted’s,and include all your favourite farm themed and adventure activities! So whether you have booked to see Santa in the morning, afternoon or early evening why not make a day of it!

Q: Is there car parking available?
A: Yes plenty of free parking available. The Car Park can be a dangerous area especially at night; please make sure all children are supervised at all times no matter where they are on site.

Q: How long does Elf School last?
A: Approximately 15-20 minutes.

Q: When will we get to see Father Christmas?
A: On leaving Elf School you will board Farmer Christmas’s Tractor Express and make your way to Santa’s Winter Wonderland. After you have seen Father Christmas, you will get to take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane where you can make Rudolph’s favourite food – made to our special Farmer Christmas recipe – ready for Christmas Eve. In Candy Cane Lane, you can also watch our animated Elf Band, Elfis and the Snowflakes.

The whole experience including Elf School and Candy Cane Lane will last between 45 mins to 1.5 hours

Q: Can we take prams on the tractor?
A: Unfortunately not, prams can be left next to Elf School or you may by-pass the tractor and walk up to Santa’s Lodge with a member of staff.

Q: Does my child get a present?
A: Yes providing the parents and children have been good and well behaved! A selection of age-appropriate presents are given out at our discretion and are non-refundable nor can be exchanged.

Q: Does the tractor bring us back?
A: No, once you have visited Father Christmas you make your way back on foot through the various barns to meet the Donkeys and of course real Reindeer.

Q: Are photographs allowed?
A: The Elves have been given special cameras to take of your family visit to see Father Christmas. These will be available to purchase in the Great Hall when you arrive back from your trip to see Father Christmas. Other photographs are not permitted. All photos purchased will be available (at your discretion) online for you to download load and share.

Q: Can we get food and drinks while visiting?
A: Yes! Food Concessions are available, and we offer a variety of food and drinks. We stop serving 1 hour before we Close. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff as we are open late on certain days.

Q: What time do you stop serving food?
A: We stop serving food 1 hour before Closing Time.

Q: How does Father Christmas know if we’ve been good or not?
A: He has two books, one with Good people’s names in and one with Naughty people’s names in.!

Q: Which one will you be in ?……

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